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Day time TV

It's really gotten worse over the years. I don't know if it's me or the programs but i never seem to find anything to see on the tv.

Since me being off from work didn't work as well (getting sick at the release day of 1.0 of a one year project is probably not the best idea), i decided to spend at least Friday in front of the television.

Besides the programs from History channel and Discovery Channel that I've already seen, reruns from the eighies (didn't see that junk then, so why should I see that now), home shopping commercials and game shows, there is absolutely nothing to see. Reruns of tonight-shows with Letterman and the guys have never been something which has amused me but the screen writer's strike made those programs better, at least in my taste. Or perhaps i'm getting desperate.

What do makes me sad though, is thinking about all stay-at-home people who watches all that crap all day long. Perhaps liking it from the beginning, perhaps growing to like it over time. I don't think watching those programs improve those people watching.

Well, I ended up watching MTV for the first time in perhaps ten years. Suddenly one of the tracks on my IPOD sounded from the tv and the running ache just hit me. Five MORE weeks without the rush. I've been without coffee for two weeks and that has been just fine. But this. I turned off and went ahead sortering Peter's toys and clothes instead.

So, i've started googling about walking sticks. And if that is because of my longing for running or me turning stupid from being exposed to those horrible tv shows, i do not know. I do know I'm lousy at being sick anyway.


Anonymous Mikke said...

Det som är mest sorgligt att många av dom som tittar nog faktiskt inte tycker att de här programmen är speciellt bra. Men de tittar ändå, för de har inget annat att göra. Och teven är ju iallafall lite sällskap i brist på annat.

February 4, 2008 at 6:45 PM  

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