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The third question of daily scrum

Of the three daily scrum meeting questions, you should probably address the last first. Do you have any blockers/impediments?

Why, well if you do have a blocker, how could you possibly know what you should do? And removing obsticles should be number one on the agenda.

Another problem with impediments is what to bring up? Is it only things that are really stopping me dead hault or should I also bring up stuff slowing me down? To keep daily scrum short, I believe that only addressing acute situations are necessary but you must not forget the other stuff too.

First at the sprint planning meetings, there should be a session where you can just address that stuff in the style can we do something go make things run more smoothly during this sprint. Of course something you bring up during a retrospective but if something is hindering the sprint, this is a good time just to give that a thought.

And daily, talking to that wonderful scrum master of yours can work miracles. If the scrum master is focused on forfilling the objectives of the team, anything to makes that easier should be appriciated.


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