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Baking and eating

Baking has become something of a weekly habit but since i went to the hospital almost two weeks ago, there hasn't been any baking going on. But yesterday, peter started complaining. He wanted to bake with mommy. It's not that he's got a sweet tooth: he doesn't even taste it when we're done. He just like baking. The stuff ends up in the tummies of my colleagues instead... So Sunday I made some chocolately stuff which I hope the guys will like.

25 one serving forms

300 g 70 percent chocolate

100 g butter

1,5 dl suger

2 teaspoons of vanilla suger

0,5 teaspoon of baking soda

2 dl flour

3 eggs

Melt the chocolate and melted butter. Mix the eggs with the suger and the vanilla suger. Mix with the chocolate and the butter. Mix the flour with the baking soda and mix with the rest. Pour the stuff in ordinary once serving forms and bake in the oven (175 celsius) for 15 minutes.

Me minus gall bladder also means that I now can eat a lot of stuff that I haven't eaten for many years. Shrimps, etc. I was first very happy but it simply doesn't taste that good. I guess the longing for something is a stronger feeling than the satisfaction when the longing is met. Not even the shrimps were as good as I remembered them. But the nicest feeling of all is being able to go into a restaurant and simply ordering something from menu. Not picking the least bad thing and removing half and still get sick.



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