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Monday was pretty bad, painwise. I'm normally good at handling pain, but yesterday I felt that the never ending pain was getting at me.

So Tuesday, waking up with a pretty bad pain and a nice headache on top of that, I decided to take a max dose of my pain killers, which I dropped a couple of days ago, and just swallow the pride. Within thirty minutes I was for the first time in two months completely pain free. Previously painkillers had lessened the pain and morphine had made me not caring about the pain. But this was pain free.

The guys thought I was high but I just treasured that precious feeling. And the good news are that when the drugs wore off, the pain didn't return. So, this was probably the best day in months and it was amazing to see how it affected my stress level, my temper and my happiness. The dorky thing, though, is to be able to value pain free you have to experience pain. I'll just try to enjoy these few days when I still remember the pain and before I've started taking that feeling for granted.


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