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My IPod Nano took a splunge for a couple of weeks ago and was soon after pronounced dead. The guys tips and tricks didn't work. My first thought was going out buying a new one. Being a satisfied customer, that felt like a good choice. But my needs are dual: in the evenings I listen to audio books while falling asleep. And when I'm out running I listen to music. Well, I can use my Touch for the books and the Nano is actually a bit clumsy when running. I have to wear the arm band and the hazzle with the cables. So, I bought a Shuffle instead. I'm a very happy runner. I keep it just under my chin and there is almost no weight, no cable and no arm band. I feel free like a bird.

Sometimes you go for the more expensive solutions, trying to meet two different needs and you end up with something that doesn't really suite any of the use cases. Both in development and buying stuff.



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