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It's winter

I can't believe it's less than 3 weeks since I wore shorts while running. Today it's winter. And tomorrow the first morning winter run is due. Running during the winter is a little bit colder, wetter and means a little more clothes. The upside is that winter running is one of those little things that constitutes the difference between a runner and a guilty conscience. So, here are my top tips:
  1. wear good clothes. I actually like the clothes for nordic skiing and cycling better than the stuff for runners. Except the padded pants. Remember the wind and use wind stoppers.
  2. when it's really cold, wear a face mask made for sporting (yes, you look funny, but when it's below -10C, it means all the difference). I've been out running when it's been below -25C and wasn't affected at all.
  3. buy some cotton gloves. I buy mine in a store for worker's clothes. they cost almost nothing so I can buy many
  4. just keep up the habit, running during the winter is no difference than during other times, except in your head
  5. run to work. take a change of clothes the day before. it's the best way to start a new day and then you won't have to think about it



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