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First day using postits

So, first day of sprint (after sprint start). Back to the office. First day using the postits for the sprint backlog. One of the guys is really against it. Keeps looking annoyed. Doesn't think it's going to work. But I explained to everyone. All the sprint points have their own postit. So if a task consists of more than one sprint point there are multiple postits with the same text. When the guys divide it into smaller tasks they can print this on the different postits.

Why? Well, when you start the day you have to take a postit-note. There is some consumption and you have to know which budget you're using. So, if someone feels that something really needs to be done and it's not really on a postit, he have to discuss it with the others so we can decide if it's worth cutting something else to make it happen. The postits become a valuable asset. Of course there is bargaining. Of course there's discussion. But like for the PO discussing in terms of how much something costs in money, this makes it very concrete that we need to do the stuff written on the sprint backlog. And yes, if we during a task feels that the task is not correctly described, we can do it in another manner than discussed in advanced. But the use cases needs to be addressed and budgets held.



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