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Using google documents

I just started using Google documents. It's really nice and a great alternative to our sharepoint site. It' like moving back in time and working with Word 6.0 (I used Mac during those good old days). So, it feels like going backwards in time: using light tech solutions. But of course, it's all facade, of course Google Documents is more complex than my old Word 6.0. And postits are simple but ingenious things. Standing today in the store I realized that there are so many variants and solutions now a days. There are more to postits than the simple yellow we use to keep in the office.

And perhaps that is the problem for many developers and engineers: getting people to understand that the thing you find the simplest is perhaps the most difficult to accomplish. Keeping the sprint backlog on postits will make it harder to hide behind the technology. If this leads to chaos, disaster, war or utter brilliance, we'll soon to find out.


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