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Collective ownership

What if we decided in our family that I owned some of the rooms, my husband owned some of the rooms and Peter the rest? Well, cleaning would be even more a struggle. And who would take responsibility for the plumbing or the electricity. And buying oil?

In all societies there are collective ownership. This is needed for common needs. But that doesn't mean there is no individual tasks. The difference in a situation of collective ownership is that the responsibility of the individual task is so much bigger. You can't only take your own task in consideration: if you also have collective ownership of the end result, you must also weigh that in.

We've always had the discussion of collective ownership of code in our team. Some of the guys literary see a red flag when the issue is up for debate and the references to socialist societies are easy to hang on to. But a team is more of a family and a family is a joint venture. And that means some kind of collective ownership. And that does not mean we want Lenin hanging around.

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