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A new sprint backlog

For some months now, we've been using Sharepoint for the sprint backlog. I've come to like Sharepoint 2007. Besides some irritations like the constant logging on for editing documents, it's really nice and easy. (Not that I would like to educate users. The endless possibilities and configuration possibilities just gives me nightmares. I really feel for educators.) But I wasn't going to write about Sharepoint. The server for our Sharepoint sites gave up. It started working kind of strange and gave up it's last breath last week. Our sprint backlog is not on top of the priority list, so I guess we'll have to wait for it to come up. So, what about the sprint backlog?

Well, we tried postit notes on the first sprint. Total disaster. But then, it was the first sprint, of a newly created agile team. Working on a new project where no one had worked agile before. New technology. New new new. I don't say we're seasoned yet, but we have some experience. So, I'm going to take the lessons learned from Sharepoint and apply them to the postit notes system. It'll be fun moving away from techie stuffy to paper stuffy. I just wonder if this is the most environmentally sound way to go. Hm. Next question, please.

(I'll post some pictures of the new sprint backlog next week, when it's up and running. I am still configurating it.)



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