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Sprint start with pain and suffering

We went to one of the team members on the sprint start. We've made this a habit and we all like being away from the office once a week. It really feels like we can concentrate.

Yesterday's training really hurts. The new guy at the strength work out did all the muscle groups in a fast pace, without stretching. I look and feel like an old woman. And today's team event was soccer. The pain combined with me being lousy at everything that includes a ball made it an interesting event. I got to fly when I tripped over one of the guys knee. It looked and felt awesome. Incredible that you don't hurt yourself in those events. I also tried playing hurt and it worked. Just thought about those soccer matches I've watched, laid on my back and looked really hurt. It worked.

Back to the sprint start then. The bad thing everyone complained about was of course the missing sprint backlog. We had it on the intranet, which has been failing for most of the month. And that was a nuisance to everyone. People liked the one page objective document: one page with really large text naming the sprint objectives, who's responsible for each objective and how many sprint points involved.

It was nice reaching all the objectives, but bad that one of the objectives lingered and was finished to late to be properly tested. A lesson for us all to this sprint.

Well, now I'm going to go and feel sorry for myself for a couple of minutes.

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