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How's the running going?

My non-developer friends probably just scan my posts. Can't she stop nagging about that silly project of hers? Has she stopped running and all that stuff? Well, I'm more into shorter runs to work now. It's actually the best start of a working day. Some nice tempo music where I always select the perfect "finish" song after my temperament. I want to come to work energized and happy.

Today I went back to the gym, the first time in ages. I took a spin on a spinning bike. Like before, I'm cycling in a modern tempo mode, that is a horizontal back. Being alone in the spinning room, I have full access to the mirrors and can study my technique. It's so hard riding a bike in that manor. But this time, it was awful. I wore some old biking pants I got when I was doing a Swedish classic and rode the V├Ątternrundan (300 km around the lake V├Ąttern). This was 2001. I was slightly bigger and much has happened in the area of cycling pants. I gave up and stood up most of the time. The pants landed in the trash when I returned to the dressing room. But I guess that was a good thing: my back already hurts from the strain. Wonder what would have happened if I'd continued the whole time.

Tomorrow, I'm back on the road and am doing a morning run. Looks like rain. Could life get better? Well, yes: if the developers would finish the most critical tasks.

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