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Business value in a product company

When I read about use cases or storyboards, I often read that these are to identify who does something. "Helpdesk register a new case", for example. The problem for us in a product company is that Helpdesk is a very different person in different organization. In our current customer stock we have facility personel themselves registering their own cases, out on the field, using their handhelds. In other cases, a professional helpdesk has been created: over a hundred persons registering hundreds of cases on a daily basis. But giving it to much detail makes it also too difficult to handle, should we create use cases for each type of customer? Another problem, of course, is as a product company we wish to attract new customers, and therefore we need to identify their needs as well.

And the definition of business value... Is it business value for the current users? The users we want to attract or the sales person who needs a nice feature for his presentations?

Running wearing a costume is much easier. With some thought given to the subject I came to remember my grannie giving me meters of a semi transparent lilac material, until now stacked away on the attic. So, I had my first visit there (we've only lived in the house for 4,5 years) and I retracted the material. And I've started on my belly dancer costume.

Another first for me was not finishing the task during the evening. I actually left the sawing machine on the table and left everything there for the night. I'm quite pleased with myself.



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