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The end of the Tour

So, after the final Time Trial, is it over now? Well, you never know if there is going to be any attacks tomorrow. But the greatest legacy has been that the public had become aware of how hard cycling works against doping. I wish other sports could be so up front. On the Swedish Television, there was this spring a program on the constant use of pain killers in football. Every year some young soccer player dies as a result of poor work against doping in this sport. Every year. Pain killers are perceived as doping in cycling but not in soccer and other sports. Instead, players are known to use them, without proper subscriptions, on a daily basis. How do I know that? Well, as they don't see anything wrong about it, and it is not seen as doping, they freely admit it. How sick is that?

Seeing my son riding the bike does not make me worried: if he chooses a sport I want him to choose one that sees the problem with doping and fight the issue, not a sport where a jar of pain killers are free for everyone to use.



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