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The next logical step in agile development? Going MUUU

If you've ever done Waterfall and disagreed on it's world view, the reading of literature on agile development on the listening to agile lectures probably gives you relief and joy. This is the thing. When we turned to agile to conquer the problems in our development environment I slowly came to realize that all problems were not addressed and new problems arose. When you put a group of highly intelligent and creative people in a room, there are bound to be conflicts, and problems. If there is one big problem with all the literature on agile development that I have read, it is that they lack cynicism.

I have during a longer period followed and read Seth Godin's lovely blog. I say lovely because he's become something of a friend, writing all the time on anything. Most of his entries are short and addresses an issue he's annoyed about. Why don't clothes stores gather all clothes in one size? Why have a service desk which has a big sign prompting people not to bother? He gets you thinking. As he's into advertising and marketing and I'm not, reading his books hasn't been a priority. But then I read The Dip and now there's a sale on, so I plunged into The Big Muu and All advertisers are liers. The funny thing is that Godin addresses many of the same problems addressed in books on agile development, but him being a cynic, I also get a go on the troublesome issues. This will probably have to sink in, and as with From Good To Great, I probably will have to read it again.



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