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Your reason is as good as mine

As the first half of my vacation is nearing to and end, I'm rounding of my guide to running. I don't believe too much in theory. I could go on forever on using pulse measurement and different techniques in hilly country. But that is not the point. The point is getting out on the road and doing the miles. After that you can become more interested in techniques. If you're into gear from start, well perhaps cycling is the sport for you. ;-)

So, how to finish this off? Well, perhaps with the beginning. Why did I start running? You could have called me a coach potato ten years ago. I lost the over weight many years ago, but I wasn't what you could call athletic. Then I moved to the more central parts of Stockholm for the summer. I figured that waking the tube in the summer is a pain (they don't have air condition) and the distance was short. So I started using inlines. First, I looked like Bambi, then I started getting better. Suddenly I was using them everyware and all the time. I got reckless and one sunny morning I hit a small manhole during a fast downhill on a kind of bad road and when I came up from it my direction had changed and I hit a bench really really hard. I sat down. Looked at my legs. I could see the bones. Nothing seemed broken (I still can't understand that). Then the pain hit me. I just sat there. I crawled home. Called work and said I'd be late. Took a shower and took a cab to work. I wore a long skirt to hide the injury. Back then, I was doing computer classes and my class refused to work with me until I'd seen a doctor. So, off I went.

The injury hadn't hit my knee, but I couldn't wear my knee protections so I wouldn't be able to do inlines for a month or so. So what was I to do with all my built up energy and adrenaline / endorfine addiction. A good friend of my suggested running. He pushed me to try a 15 km race two month in the future. And so it was to be. I became a runner. I actually went on a new inlines tour after that. But the magic was gone and I was turning to a new addiction.

So, sometimes it's the most weird reasons which turnes you to running. So, just figure out your reason and get cracking!

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