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The running joke...

For non runners there are possibly nothing more boring than running. Even so, running can give you great laughs. My favorite joke is a bit cruel, but fun. You don't need much: a female with a running habit and a trying male runner, preferably in his thirties. As I stated before: they are easily spotted. Wrong clothes, worn out shoes and a face of dispair. I sometimes use a runner a head of me as a rabbit (someone you focus on during the run so you can increase your speed). Well, sometimes a tryer sees that they are used as a rabbit. When you're a runner, being a rabbit isn't something strange: being a rather slow runner, this happens to me often and I know better than to be offended. Well, some male tryers spots a FEMALE runner closing in on them and their male pride gets to them. Desperatly they increase their speed. Well, this is the perfect circumstances for my running joke.

I run up close, but not to close. They try increasing their speed even more. I just keep the distance. Then, when they realise that they're not going to make it, I just pass them casually. Most of these guys gets desperate. They try to keep up, but are forced to stop running.

Well, how does this help a beginning runner: well - you have to realize that there will always be runners that are better, faster and stronger. You can't let your pride decide your speed. Then you will fail. And failing for that reason is worthless.



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