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Off, at last

So, the term is over. Our first term of agile development. And perhaps it's time for some retrospect. Hm.

They say it's hard, transfering to agile. Well, it is hard. Is it worth it? Well, after transfering to agile development it is hard to imagine working differently - how could one possibly think that the straight waterfall methods work? But that does not make agile any easier. Developing is hard work, difficult work. Being agile is a part of accepting the hardness, but it does not make it less hard. Sometimes it's hard to accept how hard it is. But even so, if it wasn't hard, would it be as fun?

Would it be as fun to run if it wasn't hard work? Being a runner is fun for me because I as a result of hard work can take my runs and go where ever I want to go. Stockholm is a small town and taking a 2h run takes me to the nicest spots andbridges. When visiting my folks I can see most of their smaller town during my runs. If I want to. Keeping that up is hard work. It means running when I feel down, when I rather have a glass of wine or just snooze in bed. But it's worth it. And like working agile, it's hard to imagine a different life, without running.

Being a working mom is hard. Fun but hard. It's like I say to one of the guys who just had his first son. The first months it's horrible 90% of the time but the last 10% are so wonderful that it's simply worth it. Now, being a mom is 50% routine but the rest is amazing. Having a wild soon-three-year-old is a wonderful experince. Hard, but would it be fun if it wasn't?

But now I'm going off for two weeks. I havn't had a proper vacation during the last four years and now it's urgent. I'll just hang out, read books, read and spend time with the family. Oh, we're building a room for Peter as well (or, my husband is, I'm just there for support, he just doesn't know it yet.)

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