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Beginner's guide to running, part 2

And for all you shopaholics! Here comes part 2. Getting the right outfit! Yes, you don't just pull on those old sneekers and horrible sweatshirts. (You know that they are called that because you sweat in them, and you can sweat from your efforts instead). I can often spot a person who's just started running (and who will soon stop) from the outfit. It's not being a snob, it is just that clothes are made for different things and there are clothes made for running. I've just seen during the last few years the difference in materials and fittings. My best tip is look at other runners. What do they wear? The first thing you see is that they, unlike non-runners out for a jog, aren't clothed for a polar expedition. When you run, you get warm. Som you don't have to wear all your clothes at once.

Then you visit a real runner's store or look at the web sites for the large athletics brands. Look for their runner's outfits. Don't visit those "athletics stores" who sell street clothes that looks like running clothes. You will sweat the difference. And while you visit the runner's store, pick up some really good shoes. Ask for assistance and if it's a good store they can film you running and pick the right shoes for you. The wrong shoes means injuries. So, even if you have some new shoes bought on sale, wear them when you're out walking and get yourself some good equipment.

But then you say, hey, don't want to spend a fortune on this until I know I want to do this. Then, go back to lesson 1. Making the decision. This is just the first test how dedicated you are to your commitment. By putting your wallet on the counter, you make the first investment. After this, the investment won't be monetary but in pain and time. But to come there, you have to have the right stuff. Believe me, believe my knees. And look at all the fit runner's out there: even if they run 5 hours a week you don't see them wearing worn out shoes.



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