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First line of code

Since there has been no updates on the subject, you probably thought I'd given up by now. Programming, I mean. Well, you who don't know might have thought so. Well, here's the update you've all been waiting for: I've read 150 pages of the 400 pages book. I wrote my first lines of code today. I compiled the code and I run the program. It was the traditional 'Hello World' program, but still, it's a program. And when you start programming when you're past 30, that's a big thing.

But I'm still as amazed. As I wrote before, I can't understand how the guys transform my pictures, scetches and ideas to working software. Perhaps that is on page 200... But for now, I'll complete the examples to the point where I stopped reading.

Over and out from the non coding-developer who've just coded.


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