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Lean, agile living for the running mother of Peter


Hey, Swedish moms! Are you all dreaming at mommies forums????

We're (oh, my husband is) re decorating little Peter's room. And my husband have some ideas on a loft bed, looking like a castle. So, for inspiration, I searched the web. At first, I searched Swedish sites. And realized there are so many moms out there, writing in forums about their kids and their little things in their lives as moms. I thought there were a handful of those forums, but there are so so many. Hundreds. How many moms can there be? And do they need a forum for EVERY part of their childs existance? Diapers, carrying, sleeping, walking, drinking. I don't know. And there were simply nothing to read. It was like listening to 15 year old girls chattering. I thought Swedish women had gone further than that. Tragic.

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