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New goals

I've never quitted a race before Saturday. I actually thought I couldn't quit a race. I finished a race after getting sick half through. Since I didn't get sick I stopped drinking. It was half a marathon and I had 10 km left. It was warm. It was very bad. I almost collapsed on the tube home. So, I thought my goal was the races. So, I thought I couldn't quit a race.

But today I'm proud of leaving the race. I felt that my knee was bad and that I didn't drink as I should. I understood I was in a dangerous situation. And I removed myself from that situation.

Today, I can't wait for my next run. I don't feel an imidiate need for a new race. But I need to run. So, I've come to understand that the race I'm aiming for is having a continous running habit and quitting for me is giving up running. If the reason is me loosing focus and just stopping or making stupid mistakes during races has no difference. They are both stupid choices that removes one of the golden parts of my life.



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