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D-3 Neanderthal style

June 6th is a national holiday in Sweden. Thanks God for that. And my collegues are probably as happy for not having to meet me today. Low carb diet is not my kind of tango. I've felt terrible all day and during the evening my tommy started to protest even more. Please - give me the goodies. And my brain, it felt like it was truely shutting down. The most trivial things like which day it was and what that resulted in as to which day it is tomorrow. The only thing that felt comfy was sleeping. So, I slept like 3 hours during the day. So, during dinner I said enough is enough. Bring on some potatoes. And voilá! I came back to life.

They are those who are pro stone age diet. Well, that is an option for all aiming for the interests and intellect of a Neanderthal. Over to re-fueling. This is the best part of the show. Pasta by the loads.



Blogger jneimark said...

I felt similar to you when I tried the lo-carb lifestyle. Fortunately I have now found what works best for me. I actually just started a blog to detail my own self-transformation. Aside from "weight" related issues, I was very ill and quickly heading downward. Until . . . I took control. I say, avoid the low-carb, short-term benefits in the way your body processes, but then . . .


June 6, 2007 at 8:09 PM  
Blogger Peter's mommy said...

Well, fortunatly the low carb was only part of my Marathon preparing and I only tried it for two (well, almost two) days. I can it was an experience one shouldn't try lightly. And as Josh points out, there are much better ways to loose weight, if that's your aim. Like eating less calories than you burn. That worked for me when I lost 40 pounds 15 years ago. And I never put those back (if you don't count the pregnancy). Go, Josh

June 7, 2007 at 10:10 PM  

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