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D-4 Preparing

Today, I started preparing for Saturday's long run. That meant a low carb diet for today and tomorrow. Carbs never looked so tasty. MM. Candy, potatoes, pasta. Instead I'm eating and drinking high protein foods and drinks. Can't understand those who eat/drink that regulary. Terrible. I'm going to do this today and tomorrow. Then it's pasta frenzy until 2 hours before start. Can't wait.

Preparing also include stop focusing on Work and start focusing on running. I've taken the opertunity to cut down the work hours this week and tomorrow is a national holiday in Sweden. Getting mentally ready is at least as important! So I took the afternoon off. Sent a few semi-serious work mails and read a good book in the sun. Lunch with good friends. Nice stuff, in other words.

Tomorrow, I'll dream of food and hang out with friends. Prepare for the run can be both a pain and a pleasure.



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