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D-2 Happy inside, hell at work

It was like an episode of the series E.R. The guy comes in, little sick but OK. Then everything crashes. So, everyone to the rescue. His chest is cracked open. Blood everyone. Hysteric wife banging on the window and no one knows what's wrong. Well, it wasn't an E.R room, it was more like a server room, but the feeling was pretty much the same. The chaos was worse. It started lightly, some mails didn't make it. Then none of the e-mails. THen you couldn't surf the net. Then all servers went down. Then everything went down. Everything. Suddenly the whole company was crampted in the server room, waiting for answers, when there was no answers. It took four hours before everything was up and running.

Normally, I would panic. Two reasons wht I didn't: I'm not the scrum master and he was hysterical for boths. Two: I was high on carbos. Everything was just super. This is much better. This is wonderful



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