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Wonders of life

Some say that giving birth is the most amazing moment in life. Others say other physical acheivements like completing a marathon or winning a competition of some kind. The day before last I experienced one of the most wonderful things ever. Struggling as a working mom who never took her son to toddlers swim and other "activities for children", you kind of wonder. Have my just including my son in my everyday activities such as cleaning, doing the dishes and washing had a negative effect on his feelings for me? Of course, he's only 2,5 years old and have plenty of time figuring that out and he'll probably yell the answer to me in his teens, but then is then. How about now? Does he feel close to me as the stay at home-, passifier like and total child absorbed mothers who I have difficulty feeling comfortable with?

Well, we'd had a wonderful day in the sun. Been to the stores, had some visitiors, gone walking the dog, goofing around. Just him and me. Nothing special. Just hanging around. So, when it was bedtime he just reached for me and hugged me really tight. And said [translated into English] "Together". Sometimes it's not more diffucult than that. And it's never as wonderful as that.



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