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Planes and pains

When you work with use cases and storyboards you are sometimes amazed that looking at how things are thought to be used is so foreign for certain professionals. Like people planning Swedish airports. They don't seem to fly. Ever.

This is my view: You get to the domestic airport and there is nowhere to sit. Like people doesn't wait when they come to airports. I went to the new terminal at Sundsvall Airport and there were less than 15 seats (the tiny coffee shop INCLUDED). So when the security control opened 45 minutes before planned take off I went through. There were 5 places to sit after the security check. Like you don't wait at airports. But what you could do after the security check was look at chairs. Because after you have gone in to the boarding area there were multiple seats. Like 50. But the staff didn't open the gate until the plane boarding had started. So you went into the only area where there was planned for people waiting and then you were supposed to board the plane. But the chairs were nice. Hardly used, but nice.

When you realize that the people involved in planning a project as the airport terminal you get to think: if they didn't know that, what else have they missed... Better stop thinking. Things are better left not thought about.



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