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Being agile in methodology

It's nothing new, of course, but something worth thinking about: the historical Jesus probably thought of himself as a Jew and probably didn't use the term Christian himself. And of course, this is not only applicable to Jesus: lot of historical figures have long after their passing being labeled as a typical XYZ.

So, when are you using Scrum as methodology? In my project, we use lots of scrummish terms and tools, but for us being agile is also being agile in process. Why use the waterfall methodology when it comes to process? Why should we stick to tools we don´t find comfortable? We don´t. Our guideline is make it work for our team and our project. But when have we wandered so far of the beaten path that we no longer can call the methodology Scrum? Let's wait ten years and see what it is called.

It is good to know that we are not alone in this process, it actually has a name (though scorned by my team members) it is called post-agile and you can google it yourself if your interested. One of my tips is this blog:



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