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Modern project management, or?

One of the classes I'm taking at Mittuniversitet this spring is Project Management (Projektledning). The objectives of the course:
The course targets people with interest in project management with focus on software development projects. The objective of the course is giving a basic knowledge about project work and project management.
Kursen vänder sig till personer med intresse för projektledning med fokus på systemutvecklingsprojekt. Syftet med kursen är att ge grundkunskap om projektarbete och ledning av projekt.
The main literature on the course is Arbeta i projekt - en introduktion (Working in project - an introduction) by Sven Eklund. The book is from 2002 but you could never guess it. The book could have been written during the golden days of waterfall.

I got rather suspicious when the author mis spelled the word Gantt chart on the back side of the book, spelling it as Gannt. So, I just flipped through the pages. The same error can be found through out the book. This is not a good sign. So, I started reading. I guess that I won't be the teacher's favorite pupil if he shares the viewes of the author. How about this:

9.2.2 Right or wrong?
What is right or wrong while you're testing? Where is the key to how the product should behave? Well, the key can be found in the documents created during the definition- and design phases. During those you have, often together with the orderer, specified requirements, objectives and behaviour of the product. It is also this the orderers expect that the product should be able to do when delivered.

9.2.2 Rätt eller fel?
Vad är då rätt eller fel när man testar? Var finns facit för hur produkten ska uppträda? Jo, facit finns i de dokument som man tog fram under definitions- och designfaserna. Här har man, ofta tillsammans med beställarna, specificerat krav, målsättningar och beteenden för produkten. Det är också detta, som beställarna förväntar sig att produkten ska klara av vid leverans.

Oh my god. I guess the author never heard about agile software development. The word agile does not even appear in the book. Let alone lean. Is this what the informatics major's in Sweden learn? Today? Of course it's good that students learn the classic way of carrying out an software development project. But just giving this picture without even mentioning that other methods are used and that this method isn't always successful. As I said, I guess I won't be the teacher's favourite student. I hope I can pass the exam without selling my soul to the devil.

(The picture is from a Valtech seminar, given by a what I thought rather well known lady.)



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