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Owen baked raindeer

Yesterday, we had a small party at home and one of the guests brought some nice reindeer steak, which resulted in a quite nice dinner:

1500 kg reindeer steak
100 grams butter
1 table spoon freshly ground pepper
1 table spoon freshly ground chyme
1 table spoon freshly ground roasted garlic
5 sliced garlic cloves
2 table spoons of sea salt
1 table spoon paprika powder
10 crushed juniper berries

  1. mix the butter with the spices
  2. cut a deep cut into the steak and pour the spice mix into the inner part of the steak
  3. saw the steak together (or bind it)
  4. you can also cover the outside with some of the spice mix
  5. place the steak in the middle of the oven for about 1,5 hours, 175C. The meat temperature should be 70C when it's done
  6. take out the steak and let it rest for half an hour
  7. cut the steak
  8. serve with some nice sauce and cooked potato.

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