Pain is temporary, failure lasts forever

Lean, agile living for the running mother of Peter


An evening with Peter and his friend

Peter has always liked Clara, a girl from daycare. They are about the same age, look kind of alike and started at the same time. They are both head strong and active. We take her home once a week so Peter can have some competition at home and her mother some free time of her own.

It's getting more and more fun watching them. Peter, who is very emotional and physical wants hugs and kisses, and Clara, who is more preserved, chases him off. Peter explained: "Clara doesn't want me." But of course she wants him. She loves playing with him and spending time him: she doesn't want him up her face. And that is good for them both: her protecting her wishes and him understanding the needs of others. And it's good for me seeing Peter interact with others. That's a wonderful gift from Clara and her mother.



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