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The difference between team and not team

One of the downs with having a team is that the border between Inside and Outside becomes a corporal problem. The team is more important than the company. So, walls are established. Of course, this is a problem in all organizations, but when you have a tight team, the problem can become extreme.

Then, it becomes obvious. The Talk get out of hand. Something needs to be done. It is then easy to take to the solutions that feel easy. In our case it was creating a room for our team and another. I felt this would not solve any problems, it would only create new. Destroying a team may not mean that new teams are built. And agile development without a team is unthinkable for me.

So, I added some laughter, talking, walking and caffeine to the picture. Walked around. Popped in my head in unexpected rooms, asked someone else about going to lunch together. Updated some folks on things happening. Dunno if it was the caffeine but being happy makes you even more happy. Talking to people creates understanding and a feeling of belonging. And I didn't give up my own team in the process. Socializing also has business value and it should be included in all sprints.



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