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Lean, agile living for the running mother of Peter


Lady in waiting

This morning when I woke up my son I looked at him and thought: well, he isn't as cute after all. He was screaming and crying and not even little Elin, who was visiting today could bring up his spirit.

At last, Peter came up, still screaming. My husband, who'd been working all night, took one look at him and said: Hey, he looks funny. Can't you see: his for head is all swollen. Look at him. I looked and my husband started getting really annoyed at me not freaking out. Well, he looked swollen. Very swollen. Not my beautiful boy but someone looking like a Neanderthal. So, with me taking care of little Elin, my husband bashed off to the ER. So, now I'm waiting. The awful wait. And there is nothing I can do. So, I try playing with Elin, who prefer playing alone today. I try reading, but is unable to focus. Surfing the web... And now, writing absolutely nothing on my blog. If I'd been religious, I'd probably be praying right now. Sometimes religion is bliss.



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