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Late summer day with my son

Peter has improved even more and is more than up and running. Couldn't be better. The face is almost back to normal and there is nothing wrong with his legs. Since a tester found some bugs in the solution my husband is working with, he's spent most of the dat fixing the critical bugs. And I got to spend a wonderful day with Peter. Playgrounds and walks with the dogs. Things could not be better, exept for the weather. Tonight, it's the Midnattsloppet, where I'm running wearing a costume. I'd planned for heat (hate being hot when I run) but it's really chilly. And the run is 22.30. And if I'm selected for the costume competition, I need to stay until 24.00. In my belly dancer costume. The most positive aspect of the whole event is that all my friends seems to be out of town this evening so they won't see me make a fool out of my self and get a cold in the process.

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