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For many months now, the coding part (that is, the rest) of the team has been nagging about me starting coding. Being who I am, I had to know if they were just teasing or if there was a real wish behind. So, I confronted one of the guys and asked him to clarify the situation. And he wasn't kidding. So, I've gotten myself a beginner's guide to programming and am starting to read today.

The fun thing was that when the book arrivied, neither I or the guy with whom I'd discussed the matter with was there so the other guys saw the book and thought about teasing with me. So they placed the book on my desk. You see, the other guys were kidding when prompting me to start coding. But they can rest assured, I won't infect their precious code with my futile attempts: I'll aim at reading unit tests and understanding some of their written code. I might be out of a title, but I'm not desperate enough to become a programmer.



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