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Late time bloomers

Taking a small break from work to blog. The thing we decided after the first sprint was that we shouldn't do all the planning the last week before a new sprint. The new sprint starts on Friday. And we are planning. And time is pushing 22.00.

Why does this always happen? Being lean is focusing on the thing with the most business value. And then it is easy to focus on the immediate problems and not on the crucial in the long run. Like planning. But the end result is not very... lean. Decide as late is possible does not decide during the night. You don't make the best decisions then.

But at the same time, some of our best modeling work and some of our best discussions have occurred during these late shifts. There are few distractions. And the brain has shut down some of the functionality. You have to focus to listen. Or something. Well, this won't bring me any nearer bed. If I come to bed this night.


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