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The spagetti priorities

In my excellent book on coding C#, the author refers to spagetti code as the result of using GOTO in great extent. Well, I have a new concept: spagetti requirements. The definition is a group of requirements who are all inter-dependant and looks like a real mess in front of you.

Today, we were supposed to do the last things on our summer planning. I just asked the PO to confirm his priorities. I was confused because I found it strange that he was prioritizing functionality which I thought were not useful without other functionality, not yet implemented. Worst fears realized, I found that the priority wasn't that thought through as I'd hoped. Let's say we had to start from scratch. And let's say that today and tomorrow was already crampted with tasks that just had to be accomplished these two days. You can say that this made things a little more complicated.

And I fear for tomorrow. In my nightmares the early-bird-coder of our team wakes us planners early Wednesday morning, sleeping over our stacks of postit notes. Only time will tell. Only time.



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