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Sunday, bloody sunday (well no blood, but...)

Do you know the best way to spoil a Sunday? Well, an option is to faint in the bathroom, hit your head in a couple of places and be woken by your husband (well, the last part was the best, continouing nappying on the bathroom floor isn't the best way to spend the night). This is the third time this spring that I hit my head. First, my son slammed the door on my head. Then my husband slammed the boot on my poor skull (dunno why the guys in the family is trying to kill me...). And now this.

The fun part, if there can be a fun part of this story, is my reaction to my husband waking me up. I asked what he wanted. That I was sleeping on the floor wasn't the strange thing. It was he looking in to me (he was in the basement and thought the building was coming down). Then I saw my toothbrush on the floor. And then I thought: Well, that meant I didn't go to sleep on the bathroom floor. OK, better go up then.

The second strange this was my fixation on the issue: where did I bump my head. The largest bump is on the right back side. But I also had a smaller bump on the left front side. When I woke up, I was lying on my left side, facing the toilet. It was not until I realized that I sat down on the loo when I started feeling dizzy and tried that out that the mystery was solved. I must have sat down, fainted, felt sideways and hit my head in the wall next to the loo. Fell forward and hit my head in the floor (fortunatly covered with wood in front of the toilet). Mystery solved. All's well.

And also, another mystery is solved. We released this Friday and I was wondering why no one was injured or sick. Voilâ, it was only delayed due to the last-minute-decision to break the sprint.



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