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When things change

We're one week from sprint finish. I've come quite far with the planning for the summer sprint. Nice and cool. Then the PO comes and says he wants to go through the workflow for one of the applications. That application hasn't been our main focus, but we've put a little love into it during all the sprints. So, I say OK, and we schedule a meeting on Monday. But I start the application on Thursday. I haven't been following it and left to the PO to do the acceptance testing. Then I realized why he wanted the meeting. Disaster. All the small decisions we'd made we're probably right on their own but the end result was terrible. A normal user wouldn't be able to follow the workflow. I called the PO and he said that he'd felt this for some time but hadn't said anything.

Sh*t. So instead of being a head of plan I'm now facing changing all plans. Lot of work, in a few words. But why did I think Sh*t? This is what agile is about. Starting to work the code and realizing that this isn't what we wanted and change things before we're out of other options than continuing the loosing path. If we'd worked waterfall, there had been a good chance this would have taken months to understand. Then sh*t would be a mild word. So, as I told the team today, when I myself had cooled down: this is the best thing that could have happened. And the changes will affect one person (that is me...) instead of the whole team.



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