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The morning rain

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When it's in the middle of the Swedish winter and it's snowy outside and it's around six in the morning, you expect that the stuff falling from the sky is snow. But not yesterday. The morning run was performed in a chilly rain on a icy track on the way to work. I was fortunate that I thought it was colder, so I didn't freeze, but the speed was not what I'd wanted.

But anyway, I got going and the good thing about lousy weather and icy roads is that you have things to focus your thoughts on. I didn't even reflect on the longest upcline since I was focusing on stayin on my feet. After that, a small smile spread on my face and the rest was a piece of cake.

Another lesson is that leaving the run for another day does not make it better. Having done all my weekly runs by Friday I could sit this Saturday and just smile at the even rainier and icier outside climate.


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