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Sad sad times for human health - the anti vaccination movement seem to get what they want

This morning I became really, really upset, reading about measles in the world. In Sweden, we have an objective to eradicate measles from the population. Because people falsely (yes, falsely since the study which showed this was falsified before published in the Lancet) believes in an increased risk for autism when vaccinating children, measles are still here. And also alarming, we Europeans has yet again spread measles to South America. The last time this happened, the Indian population was heavily decimated and this is a main reason for the Spaniards so easily conquering the continent.

You might see measles like something harmless but one out of 1000 develop meningitis, and this is a deadly disease.

Get yourself educated! Help fight measles and the anti vaccination movement. Here are some links. I've included links from scientific, catholic and skeptic sources, since this is nothing that only the "evil corporate forces" want us to believe. Even the Catholic church states that this is one of the most important issues for the health of humanity.

And for you who don't think measles is such a big deal, here from MSF:



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