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Don't break your back going agile

When I was starting my first structured agile project, everyone said it was hard. There are many burnt out folks in the business.

I look at it like one of last spring's projects. I was quite annoyed by a bush at our entrance and suddenly I was in to my knees in dirt, digging out the thing. It took me the better part of a day and I saw no end to it. I just kept digging and finding more roots. The area where is stood was kind of small so I also had big problems finding a good place to stand while working. It was raging hot for a Swedish summer. I guess some people would have just cut the roots at an appropriate depth. But that is not me.

But finally, the thing moved when I shoved it and within an hour I could drag the thing from the earth. Success! Going agile feels sometimes the same. It just get worse and worse and you're at a really dirty small area while everyone else seems to be chilling in the shade.

The risk for physical harm is probably not so great in software scrum as in rugby scrum, but isn't it interesting that the risk for cervical spine injuries are the greatest to the hooker, who should be considered the rugby scrum's scrum master? Take care of your scrum master.

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