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New music and cold weather

Today I filled my Shuffle with some well deserved new music and got going in the freezing cold. You who wonder how you keep up the spirit while having a running habit, here is a clue. Change the music now and then. Running with new music can really boost your energy.

But this time I had too little on me. I'm otherwise good at picking the right clothes for running but I thought it was about 0 degrees Celsius (32F) but it was really about -8 (17F). I was so occupied selecting the new music that I lost track of time and to be able to pick up Peter on time from daycare and still have the time for the run to the dog's daycare, I just didn't do the homework.

So now, back at home, I'm still kind of chilled. But happy about my new music and about the winter run. But next time, I'll be sure to wear the right clothes as well.


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