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Playing by the rules

It is easy to fall into the belief that you on the development team believe that the business people are far off in their priorities. "How can they think that X is important"? Well, as I discussed earlier, they have to live with the decision. And this is why you have a product backlog: the users can see what they get and what they don't get if they prioritizes in a certain way.

And what if you are wrong: their priorities suck. They have to live with that. It is a good thing if you, if you do not share their views, share your opinion. They might not have seen the stuff you see. Or perhaps you learn something: why the stuff they want is prioritized.

But don't fall in the pit that Andre Luiz fell into. I don't know what he did. I don't know if the referee made a faulty decision. Even if André didn't earn that yellow card, what everyone will remember is that he failed to understand the most fundamental rule of soccer: the referee is always right. He makes the decisions and you have to live with them. You can give your views, but it's the referee's call.



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