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Have you heard of Manfred of Richthofen? If you're into WW1 (isn't it strange that so many were interested in WWII when no one seemed interested in WW1 in school??) you probably know. But for the rest of us normal people, this is not a name which we remember. And if you're not German it is probably a name which you have a hard time spelling. Manfred of Richthofen is not a good product name.

If I say The Red Baron, more of you know who I'm talking about. How many of you believe that Manfred would have made himself one of the most recognised icons of WW1 haven't he been called The Red Baron instead of his given name?

This is of course nothing weird or strange: people who are good at marketing know the importance of product names and logos. But still, the story of Manfred of Richthofen is an interesting one, and it would have been such a shame that the story could have been lost due to his name. But most people doesn't know more than "German flying ace".

On November 11th, it is 90 years since WW1 ended. Wars are horrible for those involved but WW1 was more horrible than most. I'm taking the time to read some books and texts on WW1. We never read much on WW1 in school and I must say I'm an illiterate on the subject. So, why not take the time and get yourself educated on one ugly war which set the basis for the 20'th century. Why not starting with the wikipedia article on Manfred?



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