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Getting to learn yourself - have a meeting

Having had a number of meetings the previous weeks, I've gotten into some interesting discussions on how I view software development, Agile, Scrum, requirements handling, team work and communication within and around a project.

And what never stops amaze me is how much you learn about yourself in these discussions. Now, I've had the privilege to meet people who really listen and who does not only accept what others say, but who questioned my views and statements. It has been some excellent discussions which has gotten me thinking a lot about my self and the subjects we've discussed. And one thing is for sure: I've gotten to know myself much better.

The human interaction is something powerful and should be used in projects. I know there are all these useless, long meetings and that many developers sits through them thinking "when can I start working again".

A meeting should be as it states: a meeting. A meeting is between people and does not constitutes someone giving a lecture which the participants does not understand how it affects them. The thoughts of the developer reflects on him not thinking that the meeting makes them do their work any better.

So, the first thing a meeting should do is make sense. ALL the participants must know why they are there and what the exit criteria is. If there is a meeting there are participants. All should be participants and therefore participate. If someone is "present but not participating" that should be clear to everyone.

And finally, if the "meeting" is really someone giving a lecture, just call it that.


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