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Taking some time getting to know Kanban

As I've discussed earlier, I believe there are no silver bullets in software development. But I do believe in having as an objective to have the code so stable that users and acceptance testers "often" (and what I mean by that of course differs between solutions, cultures, users and so on) can start up the current version and test the current functionality. Why? So they can confirm that the development is going in the right direction.

Therefore I believe in agile software development and that is why I believe in many of the habits of a acting scrum team.

But something I and my team has struggled with during the project is that we still have the problem that sometimes nothing works. I cannot test anything. The reason for this is multiple stuff in progress. Stuff that makes things stop working.

Kanban is said to address this problems, so I'm going to take some time now getting to know the fabrics of kanban. Keep you posted!

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