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When three things you don't like makes something you really like

I'm not very much into watching TV (well, not since I'm bloging wild on my free time), and I've come to find that I've stopped watching a lot of shows that I've just watched from habit, but don't really apply to me. Others, I've come to like even more. One of those are Antikdeckarna. I don't know if this is a Swedish concept but I love the show. The strange thing is that if I'd taken the different parts I'd probably hated it. But here goes:
  1. Two Antiques specialists who are also speaking using a really classy Swedish accent
  2. Travel around Sweden to find antiques, switching between searching people's homes and local second hand shops
  3. Select an item (they have a season based budget) each show
  4. And sell it at an auction in Stockholm
  5. The guy who gets the most money for his thing wins
I don't know why I like it. I have a problem with people collecting weird items and end up with cluttered homes. I hate flee markets. I hate auctions and I think contests on TV are basically silly. But I love the show. Not that I ever remember the nice little lectures you get on all those weird items. But somehow I find the whole thing brilliant. And when I think about it, I think it's the guys being so upperclassy and bad at hiding their inner wish to be a total winner and the best antiques finder.


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