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Lean, agile living for the running mother of Peter


Sick kids

Yesterday, Peter fell sick. All parents can imagine the fear felt when you rush into your kid's room and find a child covered in what seems to be blood. Now it looked much worse than it was: a cough turned into puking, which made his nose bleed and when he swallowed the blood, it looked like he threw up blood. He spent the night in the arms of a mother just guessing the pain of parents who don't only get a little bit of fright but whose worst fears are also realized. Today, Pete is feeling lazy and sour but he's recovering. Like it's supposed to be.

Many years ago, I visited Forsmark Mansion. One of the 18th century owners lost all his 13 children while they were still small. All of them. This was pointed out during the tour as a very sad story. What is so sad is that this of course still happens all around the world. We here in the fortunate parts of the globe take for granted that the kids will survive and are chocked when they don't. We are so lucky. I am so lucky. (Even if I'm dead tired after a night without proper sleep.)



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