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Dressed for St Lucy's

There are some occasions which make me realize that I'm not like a real mommy is supposed to be. It's St Lucy's day, and all parents in Sweden view their little ones dressed up as St Lucy, one of her maids, St Claus or a Gingerbread man at daycare or school.

Peter refused as I guessed the outfits but I got him to wear a read Spiderman t-shirt. Myself, well, I figured running to work would be a good idea so I put on my trainers and got going. Well there I realized that parents on these occasions are supposed to be dressed up. Suites and stuff. And there I was wearing my trainers.

The result: me on the floor playing off with all the kids while the other parents sat all dressed up and afraid that a runny nose should come in contact with the nice suite.

Well, the nicest thing about St Lucy's for me was all the kids coming running, happy to see me. And that I could play with them.



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